DIY: Print Pencil Skirt

This pencil skirt is by far the easiest sewing project I’ve ever had. There were only four pieces to put together; the front and back of the skirt and the front and back of the waist band. One of the reasons why this was so easy is because of my serger.

The only “hiccup” I had with this project is since I wanted the print to match up, I had to take my time and pin it together. Then when I thought I had it down, I realized I completely screwed up and had to cut out the back of the skirt again. What had happen was… instead of matching patterns with right sides together, I did it while one was on the right side and the other was on the wrong side. For those new to sewing, the right side of the fabric, using my fabric as an example, is the printed side. The wrong side is the white side. How I messed up? I don’t know, but I’m glad I had enough fabric to correct it.

Once you get the hang of matching the print, it becomes easier. This was my second time doing it. The first was on this skirt:

From now on I will always match my print on my fabric because I love how constant and symmetrical the print turns out. The consistency of the print also makes it look more professional.


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