Crop Top & High Waist Skirt

My first ever outfit made for a ‘client’ aka my sister.

The fabric is a soft silky sweater material that I only had a yard and a half of and the only reason I made it for her is because I knew the color of the fabric would look gorgeous with her skin tone.

I used bias tape for the collar, arm holes, and hem on the top. I would have used my serger instead of the bias tape but the think started acting funky on me after I sewed the sides of the skirt together. I used 2” wide elastic for the waist band. The sides of the skirt are ruched with elastic.

This was quite easy and would’ve been quicker to make if I could have figured out what went wrong on my serger.

Side note: How gorgeous my sister looks. I can’t believe how I was able to use my own makeup on her. Would ya’ll have know if I hadn’t said anything?


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