Once Shabby, Now Sassy

When shopping at a thrift store, I am always looking at how to change something up.

That was my first thought when I saw this thing. I liked it… but it was missing something.

I’ve had these beads that I found years ago. Tag was still on them.  I had planned to use them on a shirt as an attached necklace but I would always change my mind. Glad I did.

All I used was a glue gun, beads, a necklace and a little imagination … TA-DA!! Now I’ve got a one of a kind clutch.

Crafty mom, sassy wife, foodie, and aspiring doula extraordinaire. I have quite a few goals and hobbies and look forward to sharing how I balance them all.


Kenyatta on Nov 16, 2016 11:19 am

I love it… I have so many odd pieces laying around that I can use to enhance an old purse. You’ve given me a great idea and my glue gun can come out of the drawer : )

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