I’m My Own Nail Technician

Throughout the years, I have delved into various styles and designs while painting my nails. From the timeless French tips to intricate geometric patterns, I have ventured into the boundless world of nail art. One of the styles I particularly enjoy revisiting is the classic hombre effect, effortlessly blending two or more complementary colors to create a seamless gradient look. This technique exudes an air of elegance to any manicure and never fails to leave a lasting impression.

In addition to ombre, I have also experimented with more playful designs like polka dots, stripes, and floral motifs. These whimsical patterns allow me to unleash my creativity and infuse a fun element into my nail art. I have even ventured into using glitter and rhinestones to add a touch of glamour and sparkle. These embellishments take my nail art to new heights, resulting in a dazzling and attention-grabbing finish.

Moreover, I have drawn inspiration from nail art trends from different eras, incorporating retro styles such as tie-dye and psychedelic prints. These nostalgic designs bring a vintage charm and a sense of nostalgia to my nails, giving my manicures a unique and personal flair. Whether I aim for a chic and sophisticated look or a bold and playful vibe, experimenting with various styles and designs has allowed me to unleash my creativity and showcase my individuality through my nail art.


Crafty mom, sassy wife, foodie, and aspiring doula extraordinaire. I have quite a few goals and hobbies and look forward to sharing how I balance them all.


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