Do-It-Yourself: Slit Sleeve Shirt Tutorial

Want a easy way to sass up your tops. Just add some drama by cutting a slit into you sleeves. This can be achieved with short sleeves or long sleeves.

I have a blouse that already had a seam done the center of each sleeve so this DIY was super easy. All I had to do was seam rip the seam open to me desired length. I had already seam ripped one sleeve to my desired length so I had to make sure the other sleeve length was even with the first one. Once the opening for my shoulders was even in length, I cut into the sleeve some more at the beginning and end of where I started to seam rip so that when I hem it, the double fold will show more of my shoulder.

Since the opening was a previous seam and already pressed down, I didn’t have to iron it down to get a polish finish. For those working on a sleeve that doesn’t already have an established seam down the center, you’ll want turn the edge 1/4 of an inch and iron for a more professional look. Once you’ve completed that you are ready to sew.



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