Bobbin Blunder

So what had happen was… my sewing machine was not creating a smooth tight stitch. It was loose, loopy, and creating clumps of thread on the opposite side of my fabric. So I took off the slide plate and took apart the bobbin housing to clean it but that didn’t solve my issue.

Next, I tried every setting combination I could think of. I noticed some improvement but it wasn’t enough. I had spent a total of 5 hours tinkering with it and I realized that I needed to take it to a repair shop. The closest one to me was Atlanta Sewing Machine Company so that’s where I brought it. During her examination of my sewing machine she pick up my bobbin case and it fell apart in her hands. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how in the world that happen but that wasn’t the only issue. She told me how I was using the wrong needle for the fabric I was sewing. So she replaced my bobbin case, gave me a pack of needles, and advice on how to work my serger.

The icing on the cake was when I looked up and saw they sold canned air which I needed. A one stop shop.

Crafty mom, sassy wife, foodie, and aspiring doula extraordinaire. I have quite a few goals and hobbies and look forward to sharing how I balance them all.


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