Thrift Store Finds

Back at it again… these are my latest thrift store finds.

So Monday, I drove a hour to my sister’s job to go to the thrift store with her on her lunch break. It was half off and I really wasn’t planning on buying anything. I was mainly spending time with my sister but isn’t this what always happens… when you don’t plan on really looking and spending money you find stuff.

The first item I found was the black basket weave ‘satchel’. (I think that’s what you call it.) I had been looking for this type of bag for the longest and I was just about to break down and get one from Kohl’s when I went the day before since they had a sale. Glad I decided to wait because I only paid a few dollars for it.

The next thing I found was the cream clutch that I thought looked very boring. I was thinking about dyeing it but I like the color too much so stay tuned to see how I turn this clutch into something classy.

Last but not least, my travel jewel case. It a little beat up and I might take some washi tape to it. It’s not that bad though and it’s not like I’ll be rocking it with an outfit. All I needed to do is fix the handle and… Voila!

The clothes that I bought, I washed. Everything else was sanitized and wiped down. I also stuck a few fabric softener sheets in the bags and the travel case to get rid of the thrift store odor. Can’t wait to rock my satchel though. Its going to be my ‘go to’ bag from now on.


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