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Another protective hairstyle that I stumbled upon after an epic fail at trying on wigs. The idea was to make one. The easier the method the higher my chances were at succeeding. So after doing a little research I decided to crochet my very first wig.

If I could do it, anybody could. All you need is a crochet latch hook, crochet hair, crochet wig cap, and a foam mannequin head. Of course you will need to know how to crochet. Side note: You may also want to purchase the wig combs to sew on and keep it in place. I didn’t go that far this is just an FYI. The entire process took me about 2 1/2 hrs from install to the last cut.

What I love about this hair is that it came with 2 bundles which I never would have thought about purchasing because of how the hair looks on the picture. In the store, there were 2 mannequins that displayed this same hair, one with this awful style that’s on the picture and the second with a style similar to mine. I was shocked like, is this the same hair? It was. When it separates, the curlicues go from Ummm to Ooooo… even with the frizz.

The only thing I would do differently is I should have separated the front pieces more. My original plan was to do thicker pieces in the front and on the top and smaller pieces everywhere else. But of course everything changes once you get going. I notice how thick it was getting so fast in one area so I had to adjust with where I was placing the sections of hair. Don’t be fooled by the white you see if you use the mannequin head like I did. It may look like you’ll need to fill in more areas but once you put on the wig, you won’t notice the spaces.

What I did was I took pictures as I went. Each time I wasn’t sure of what to cut, I would turn my head to the side to take a picture so that I would be able to see more of the back and would be able to better gauge what needed to be cut. Hubby suggested that I but the wig back on the mannequin head to shape it, which ended up being just what I needed to do for the final cut. (Side note: Shout out to Hubby for being so supportive even though he hates weave.) So since I was tired and had never done this before I was a bit skeptical as to how good this would turn out. Needless to say, it turned out perfect and I’m going to try this again.


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