Wig Revamp

Because of using lots of oil on my hair, ‘Vanessa’ end up looking like ‘who did it, and why’. The hair was clumped together and sticky but thanks to the internet I found an easy solution to that problem.

The answer is probably right our our noses… fabric softener. Go figure. My first go around I let it soak over night in a mixture of cold water and fabric softener. After I rinsed the wig and let it air dry, I noticed it still wasn’t up to par so I mixed some more fabric softener and cold water. Dipped the wig in and out about a million times. Then gently  rubbed the solution through the strands for about 20min, rinsed and air dry. When I tell you it was like new, like brand new; I’m not lying.

‘Vanessa’ was back. Silky and soft.

The only thing about using something scented is that it can be over powering. I tried the blue eucalyptus and lavender the first time which I ended up hating. The next fabric softener I tried was the Home Depot brand, blue breeze scent. The Home Depot brand was a lot easier to tolerate but I think I’ll try to see if I can find one that I really like.


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