Chado Ralph Rucci Vogue Pattern

Y’all!!! This pattern right here was soooo hard. I had heard that vogue patterns were hard but I didn’t think it would be that difficult… I was so wrong.

I can’t even really remember what or how it went wrong but it did. Multiple times. When I thought I understood the directions and followed through. I found myself seam ripping and taking it apart. I do remember some of the wording and illustrations weren’t clear. The pattern called for what seemed like 2 dresses to be made. The lining and the ‘shell’. So I only got as far as cutting the pieces out of the fabric.

I ended up going all the way to Augusta to have my Aunt B guide me again. But it was only for the weekend and I needed a full week with her to have completed it. Needless to say, I was a lot farther along than before and I was able to do a little bit more on my own before I got stuck again.

This time I used a local friend who is a seamstress as well and asked for her assistance. She helped me complete it even though it was different than what the pattern called for. Her spin on it made so much sense. The best way I can describe what happen was the pattern told me to basically sew the lining and shell right sides together leaving about 5 inches to turn it right sides out. Well when I did that, the dress didn’t lay flat. There was a lot of air in between the shell and the lining. I guess somehow I cut the lining shorter than it should have been. I really don’t know. So Beverlynn suggested that instead of leaving 5 inches open, leave the entire hem open. Turn it right sides out, then hemming it that way. If that makes any sense.

It worked, of course. I ended up having to tweak it further since either I made it bigger than I should have or I lost weight. I added a button to the inner wrap so that it could stay closed. I had this bright idea of using a satin teal lining which I could’ve made it pop more but I was sooo over it by the time I finally finished it. I also added my own spin to the sleeves and ruched them and added a covered button for some pzazz.


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