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E’tae Hair Products Review

So I came across these hair products on Facebook. Then I began to look at their reviews and saw how everyone is raving about it especially their Carmel treatment. I was looking for a product that would help me keep my newly colored hair healthy. So this was perfect timing.

I bought the Ultimate package and I normally use it when I want to straighten my hair. Lately I’ve been getting in the pool to workout so to wash the chlorine out of my hair I’ve been using the As I Am products that I purchased a while ago to prevent me from using up my Etae products to fast because they are not cheap. However, when my hair needs to be revitalized, I go right to Etae’s Carmel hair treatment, Carmelux shampoo and silk protein conditioner.

I’ve had these products for 5 months now and my hair feels so soft when I use it and my natural curl pattern reverts back after washing my hair. But the two things that it does that I absolutely love is it keeps my hair moisturized longer and my hair doesn’t have as many knots as it use to. I am a fan.


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