Re-fashioned Satin Dress

One way to freshen up your wardrobe is by re-fashioning the clothes you already have in your closet. I had a wedding to go to and wanted something new so I happen to have this dress that was given to me that I could experiment on.

I saw a Pinterest post about add this tulle ‘fish tail’ to the bottom of a dress and liked how easy it looked. All you needed was the tulle and a large elastic crochet headband.

I bought a couple small spools of tulle since I would only have to cut it lengthwise. Cut the strips of tulle about 2 feet in length. Folded it in half. grabbed the folded end and pulled it through the hole of the headband starting on the bottom row. Now put the 2 ends through the loop of the tulle and pull until its a secure knot like the picture below. I filled all holes to make it look really full.

I also had to take in the bottom of the skirt. It was just a basic straight skirt. So I had to make it more pencil like. Which took some finessing since I typically don’t work with material that easily shows mistakes. When I finally got the fit I wanted, I hand stitched the headband onto the hem of the dress. Shaped the ends of it and was done. Easy Peasy.

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