If you plant it, it will grow… hopefully

First, let me start off by saying that I do not have a green thumb. My husband ends up doing most of the watering if it doesn’t rain. Thankfully, these Canna lilies seem not to mind the occasional neglect. They  grew, multiplied, and spread like crazy within the last two years. They eventually took over my planter box and smothered the Calla Lilies. But it’s a lesson learned. I know now that these require lots of space to do what it does. That’s why we dug them up and moved them to where it didn’t matter how crazy they got. The Calla Lilies are pretty easy as well. They don’t require much care but they don’t spread like Canna lilies. So if you’re trying to grow plants, Canna and Calla Lilies are the way to go.  Just don’t put them side by side like I did. They require little care and they come back every year with little effort.


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