Gulfport, Mississippi

Our trip to Gulfport, MS was such a blast.

We went to visit family and it was supposed to be a whole slew (what country folks say to describe a large amount of something) of us going. We had planned to go big for our BBQ on the beach: 10 x 10 tent, volleyball net, and the craziness that ensues when we all get together. Still, we had a good time without the tent and net… the food was excellent and we always enjoy each others company.

We stayed at Best Western Plus Hotel. The staff was very nice and accommodating. They had their own bar/nightclub that you could get to from the lobby if you didn’t want to venture out. I thought it was interesting how you could hear the music thru the walls. I didn’t mind though because I had had several drinks at Lookout Steakhouse and Level 3 Bar and was out like a light. Our room was right across from the pool so when we took a nap during the day, we could hear the noise from the kids. I think that bothered me more than the music but I would stay their again if I needed too.

We ate at restaurants Shrimp Basket and Lookout Steakhouse which had pretty good food. I had shrimp and grits. The recipe was different but it was really really good. So if you ever find yourself in Gulfport, MS, try the shrimp and grits at Lookout Steakhouse.

After we left Lookout Steakhouse we got drinks at Level 3 Bar where they had a live band performing that night. They were pretty good to listen too. The bar over looked the ocean which made our night cap was really nice and scenic. Majority of the bar was covered, ceiling rafters and ceiling fans; and along the side of the gulf it was open. Nothing but the stars, sky, and ocean breeze.


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