Fashion Friday Flashback

Soooo these pictures of me were taken when I was 13 years old. My 7th grade year I decided to make an outfit for picture day (the first pic). The neck line stitching was horrible. The boob area is too big and when I bent over my underwear showed. LOL Terrible I know but what could you expect from a first timer. I was before my time though with a jean two piece which is the trend now.

The second picture was taken at a graduation party. This time I had my Aunt B walking me through each step from the pattern. I believe I used the wrong side of the fabric but this dress, a two piece, was a much better sewing job than the previous.

Crafty mom, sassy wife, foodie, and aspiring doula extraordinaire. I have quite a few goals and hobbies and look forward to sharing how I balance them all.


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