Strawberry Cream Cake

I decided to give baking a try for the first time, even though I typically don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Surprisingly, the dessert I made turned out to be quite delicious. It was a pleasant surprise to find that I actually enjoyed it. The process of baking itself was a new and exciting experience for me, from gathering the ingredients to mixing them together and seeing the transformation in the oven. Despite my initial reservations, I found the whole process to be quite enjoyable and rewarding. The end result was a tasty treat that I was proud to have made myself. It was a delightful moment of accomplishment and satisfaction, and it has motivated me to explore more baking recipes in the future. Who knew that my first attempt at baking would turn out so well? It just goes to show that trying new things can lead to unexpected joys and discoveries.


Crafty mom, sassy wife, foodie, and aspiring doula extraordinaire. I have quite a few goals and hobbies and look forward to sharing how I balance them all.


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